Corporate marketing is like a wife the idea is not in place his wife is not in place

enterprises to carry out e-commerce marketing is like a wife, you do not care for him, and for her feelings to consider a little more than his wife’s favor. Even if the wife, let the wife adults feel, before and after marriage, you have a difference in her attitude, sooner or later will be derailed. Enterprise e-commerce marketing is the same, to let customers see you, know you, understand you to finally reach a deal, with the process of wife. Promotion is like the limelight, caused the attention of the opposite sex; to the enterprise website, to let her know what kind of person are you; let her know your strengths and carefulness; sweet after they become your prospective wife. Although the implementation of our country is monogamy, but the truth is still the same business marketing, you need to stand in the angle of the husband to please, care for her. Nonsense is not much to say, or to talk about some of my feelings.

the future of e-commerce marketing, only to allow customers to feel a good degree of user experience, such e-commerce website construction is effective. If an enterprise’s e-commerce site can not provide customers with a comfortable Internet environment. So, I will choose to give up and turn to other competitors. When the product homogeneity, who can provide high value-added products or excellent service attitude, shopping environment, who will have the future.

first, determine the target audience, stand in the customer’s point of view to do e-commerce.


website is to let people see, just like you want to find a wife, do not know where the wife is very good, even if you are of no use. So, before doing so, first of all to good target audience. How to make the viewer think their enterprise website is good, let customer identity. This is one of the key factors for the success of e-commerce sites.

second, on the Internet, is not afraid of deep alley is wrong, it is necessary to promote.

e-commerce website promotion, especially based on the Internet site promotion, to attract the attention of business owners. If you do not even promote the work done, the customer will be farther and farther away from you. Just like I spent 2 hours thinking about how to make the appear on the Internet, it’s just the same thing as being pushy in the opposite sex. Do not do, do not insist that it will not cause the attention of the opposite sex.

third, so that customers can easily find information on the website of the product service needs.

After the construction of the

website, the customer has come, it is necessary to consider whether the information provided on the e-commerce site is the customer needs. Is to allow customers to find their own good, or to allow customers to enter the site will be able to find the information they need. E-commerce sites do, in order to carry the content of the network marketing at the same time. Just as you have attracted the attention of the opposite sex, but she can not find the feeling, it will prove that you are a failure.

fourth, what the customer needs to find ways to meet her.

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