Product principle and usage scenario analysis of iWork multi person cooperative system

the most imaginative part of Apple’s autumn conference in 2016 is the most obscure part: iWork


1 product intent

collaboration system compiled in many fields of publishing software is not uncommon, while at the same time the Office system introduced in SkyDrive also launched a multi cloud online collaborative editing function, when the author in 13 years of tedious steps experience often to finally save for customers to modify the final betaV1.0by determine a small target Er earned him one hundred million.Ppt delivered to colleagues in the newly added or modified ended.

Many people online

the apple iWork cooperative extension introduced after the introduction of education is: "scheming bitch, obviously the function of this part of the audience from the teachers and students extended to commercial advertising and marketing is very necessary. As to how it is necessary, in the back of the use of a detailed description of the scene.

for the Apple Corp’s consistent methods and practices, to support iMassage and FaceTime on the mobile phone of the linkage from the earliest MacOS is not difficult to analyze its intentions, including the later Apple Watch connection to iPhone, forming a debris flow of information processing terminal.

in early 8 not long introduction, we also see a few key words: cross terminal, multi-user, multi platform, on the iWork suite of several products, most function is more than Office in experience, in the known users stuck most is difficult to escape the working environment not to mention, through cross terminal demonstration and modification experience AirPlay. At this point, multi platform collaboration is a new user to open the window. Just imagine, former MacOS users to make a demo of Keynote, the most common action is to export the pptx share to colleagues in the next work, the most concern is derived after there is no element position and font offset correction, and relative unfortunately Keynote cool animation does not necessarily inherit Pages has the same problem, and only Numbers is in part of the formula with Excel.

concludes that the intent of the product is to attract more non – ecological users and try to get new hardware in the ecosystem.

2 product principle

here simply to talk about the realization of the principle of multi platform collaboration system, with some of the more popular argument, based on the early morning demonstration of personal conjecture, not broken.


from the simple example of the figure is not difficult to see, the general user in the use of the iWork suite is actually the right to buy a suite and >

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