Small want to make money must have several elements

as a person, you want to say is: a webmaster said money is not easy.

1 resources: just graduated that, what all don’t understand, a website editor out only work in a more complex web site. However, this also allows me to accumulate a lot of resources, which allows me to save a lot of time. In the process also to learn the technology making web page three musketeers.

2 station, as long as the simple "Three Musketeers OK, or understand, art can also be called a friend to help out.

3 Optimization (SEO), which includes in the production process, and the latter for the search engine spiders do optimization, not one example.

4, when GOOGLE, BAIDU popular, I went to do search engine promotion, because the reasons for loving, I chose to do business, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot experienced a lot, also attended a lot of training, the general site (except the well-known portal) 85% traffic from search engines, so do the site after the key is how to promote out and let more people know your site, or otherwise placed in the corner of the garbage. So it is particularly important to promote, such as: friendship connection, paste it, website alliance.

5 Alliance (focus): a group of early Adsense are made a little money by advertising, and now the relative happiness of some of the owners, there are a lot of alliance will take the initiative to seek cooperation. I just started to do the GOOGLE advertising alliance, did not spend too much time to find other alliances. Made some good friends. Later QQ contacted me slap alliance initiative, the beginning did not care too much, I think anyway, and no risk, registered hang up,, before the stage because of my site traffic is not big, not what benefits, and later by the people and their guidance before, the site traffic increased a lot, the advertising effect is good, of course commission income also increased significantly, a call to my surprise, this money is also a hard enough, some was worth it.

tasted the sweetness, I made some improvements to the site, but also added a few good alliances, such as winning points winclick, love dig union.aaawa ah, the income is also satisfied. I will not be greedy, ha ha, but also want to know more about some webmaster, make more friends. Happy first! My QQ:83423447

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