Send sister TT activities to collect 176 girls micro signal

introduction: too irritating, naked show of the author, even to the interview gynecological outpatient department, through the marketing activities, not only send the girl TT, also collected 176 girls WeChat, although the article is excellent, personal experience, story, readable, but have you considered the webmaster feel


on the loose blog for a long time, but also learned a lot of things, I believe there are a lot of friends and I like learning, but the light is not empty talk, you have to learn to play out, this may be just a small success, but its success makes me more convinced that this the way I go to.

at the beginning of this year I came to the gynecology clinic interview candidates is the Propaganda Department staff, beginning to report only odd jobs, to learn from the old staff.

like this clinic where I am around there are three, competitiveness is still very strong, the line mode is nothing more than propaganda leaflets, hanging banners (the second city street can be hung banners).

In fact,

this propaganda mode has done bad, in the end of March I told the boss made a suggestion for WeChat to do business around the school, the number of students in this school in about more than 1 thousand people, if you can chew on this piece of cake, the boss sleeping expression is estimated to laugh.

the boss saw me to draw him "cake", immediately decided to agree, and I was responsible for the activities of the fund, only 1200 yuan, but enough for me.

I’m going to apply for a WeChat public service number, spend thirty yuan printing a two-dimensional code and banners, took out 500 yuan to work in the women’s aunt, so she and her colleagues to eat a meal, so the 200 boxes of condoms on hand, yes, this activity is free to distribute condoms.


in manpower to complete and we started immediately, on the choice of location in the vicinity of the school under the banyan tree, activities for a period of two days, the time is the time after school in the afternoon, we only put two tables, and two female colleagues to accompany, the pull banners in front of the desk.


has been very obvious, considering the female students shy some privacy issues, we do not require questionnaire, only official WeChat our attention, you can get a box of condoms, a box of 10, is very cost-effective.

at the beginning of class time, remember that only 3 girls brought over, look at the most far away, my colleagues and I think the WeChat marketing will fail, just 20 minutes later, one after another to a lot of girls, some are from the school gate out, some are from the outside back originally, in this 20 minute period all the students run to eat, but also afraid to encounter familiar with the students.

colleagues statistics, a total of 39 boxes of condoms, that is to say that only the collection of the 39 girls WeChat, our plan

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