Free to the traditional DC server how to deal with

recently the Internet industry appeared a great thing, there is a "free" host network "( to provide free server to owners, and they provide quality of service, but also better than others charge.

free hosting network ( is completely free of charge to provide the server site. The sponsors are climbing up from the bottom of the IT entrepreneurial roots, they set the public power, the use of advanced hardware configuration, luxurious bandwidth, standardized management, provides a fast and stable free host station.

free free hosting network free of charge to provide all the space 2G, support for all the mainstream database. Such a luxurious combination, so generous gift, in the majority of the station behind the ecstatic, but a group of people can not sleep.

those who sell virtual host IDC company will worry: you give away the server, and better quality than I charge, it also let people eat? There are so worried, not a two, many IDC companies to "free" the overbearing offensive is struggling to challenge.

"free". The reason why there is such a luxurious configuration, simply because the public sponsor and wide popularity in the Internet industry caused by the. The main sponsor of free. Mr. Zhou Mingfeng was once a climb from the bottom of the grassroots, in this materialistic world, rarely maintain ideal and faith, he hopes that grassroots Webmaster: everyone has free use of server.

just out of this ideal, a lot of friends are supporting him, and some sent online server, and some half sell half send luxury bandwidth, some do not make money to provide management and maintenance services. It is called: people gather firewood flame high. It is for these reasons, free it can provide a large amount of free hosting, and its cost is well compressed, the quality of its free hosting fees beyond the host, but also in the sense of things.

webmaster friends offer free full of joy, to celebrate the free server, whether such a public website will shake the entire IDC industry? The answer is no..

first business is the largest IDC company in Zhejiang, operating virtual hosting and server hosting services for many years. Recently, the first business and free to reach a strategic cooperation, the first business to provide free hosting network management and maintenance services at the cost price.

is the first business to sell virtual host, and "free, free web host" virtual host; two do not conflict? Its technical director Liu Gongxun said: "we can’t make a culture of competitors. The stupid, free users and commercial virtual host users are not the same people, so there is no conflict between us."

originally, Mr. Liu Gongxun is precisely the IDC industry customer segmentation. Traditional IDC company, the process of selling virtual hosts, contact is two >

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