Grasp the resources of web search engine

Many web site managers only know how to analyze the flow of the site every day, this work is not enough to improve the flow of their web site.

now along with the rapid increase in the number of sites, search engine becomes more and more attention, I think it necessary to tell everybody is, from the introduction of search engine traffic flow is the core of the stability of your web site, so it is necessary for us to study the search engine.

remember such a principle, your search results in search engine rankings is the number and the visitor into your site is proportional to the results. Here I give you say such an experience that the search results in the ranking for the top 10 sites can be cut away about sixty percent of the traffic, ranking for the 11-20 website about to cut away thirty percent of the traffic, then the rest of the site in the share of the remaining flow.

Web search engine refresh rate is very high, this will give you the website in search engine results in the rankings have great advantage, said bluntly, is that it can improve your site in the search engine ranking.

how to observe the whole website refresh frequency in the search engines?

a command: site: domain name (for example: it is best to remove WWW

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