Personal practical experience

site opened for about half a month or so, tried a lot of ways to promote the effect of little or no effect. To Internet cafes posters, competition is too intense, posters posted a few days before being covered by other posters, depressed 2 yuan a ah. On the street Post Bar, even sweep the street also. I asked him why answer: let’s look at the urban management, posted on the tear, I said the inspectors see let him tear it, I have no idea, rip it.

not see what effect, I have printed thousands of name card, can be said to have no effect, let the paper help my hair. One thousand hair out actually only a registered member. Two hundred to buy a member, my God, and then my own hair, the effect is still very poor. There is no other way to do it? I want to promote it on the site, find the webmaster network, a look at 600 yuan per month, quickly contact. Advertising may also renew it, this was the answer. I can’t believe that this alliance of the league, how can this do ah, I thought, even one yuan to buy a membership line ah! Well simply write a post who see who it is.

above said everyone as a joke to listen to it, but I believe that they do not rely on Baidu Google or something, or be K, and must be crying without tears. If a director to cooperate you can come here to visit me, I am now I will give 0.5 yuan as long as a member, compared with the method above must be good, I have no restrictions on the number of what IP does not matter, I am sincere cooperation and Comrades, as long as the legal website.


there are ten advertising for everyone to stay here, you are welcome to join, Laiqiqi. Finally, I wish the comrades to the fastest speed of development into the public mind in the heart of the site. Congratulation Xinxiangshicheng well write this first

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