From a letter of introduction to the direct marketing of small and medium sized enterprises 40 years

A review of the

China SME marketing history, referral marketing from 70 years to 80s, marketing ideas, to 90 years in advertising and marketing, to 2000 after the network marketing, to today’s mobile internet marketing, small and medium-sized enterprise marketing of the road is toward large-scale, standardized direction of rapid progress. Nowadays, the mobile Internet into a trend, small and medium enterprises have ushered in a new marketing opportunities.

has a classic marketing quote: use the customer’s way of thinking to choose their own strategy, rather than a self centered way of thinking. Now, the enterprise marketing is the most "market" blue ocean "Utopia", and increasingly fierce competition, enterprises how to cater to the needs of even walking in front of the user through the service, marketing, mobile marketing will become the trend of course. Recently, Baidu launched the direct number, based on mobile search, @ account, maps, personalized recommendation and other ways, so that hundreds of millions of customers anytime, anywhere direct business services. The birth of this product has become an important turning point in the history of small and medium enterprises, especially under the new trend of mobile Internet, SME marketing can usher in the golden period of 40 years of change.

70s: introduction letter marketing

for small and medium enterprises, in 70s for rural cooperatives or collective enterprises. At that time, all the politics, all business to the comrades". Therefore, a variety of red chapter cover letter of introduction, it will become the most powerful marketing tool.

small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises at this time is not much difference, is red chapter will be different, if it is the old state-owned enterprises chapter will look more backing. But overall, are the individual combat, the political component is more important and more likely to become a national model of marketing star.

80s: idea marketing

80s is a restless era. The thinking of people began to break the shackles of the original, for a time, all kinds of "new ideas" and "new thinking" sprang up, flowers contend. In late 80s, advertising began to appear, such as "strong decontamination! 1:4! 1:4 amount of time is short!!! 1:4! 1:4“ power 28, Shashi daily.

however, advertising on TV, for the majority of SMEs, but it is a high price. In 80s, more small business owners to take the idea of marketing guerrilla warfare, for example, carved on the chopsticks a few weeks, through the horn on the van to form a sound advertising". But the most classic, is still the 1985 Haier Zhang Ruimin smashing refrigerator event. This was a lot of people think that the "black sheep" smashing refrigerator event, this hit, but hit a Haier’s market and brand.

90s: ad wars

if we say that in 80s, China’s small and medium enterprises are still shy, can not afford to use television advertising this marketing tool, then after 10 years of accumulation, there has been a lot of

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