Channel determines the domain name transaction price

I can embark on the domain name investment in this way, to a large extent, is forced by Baidu, which is the reason, not experienced people can not know. A lot of "road" friends said, playing a long time domain name will become addicted, and gradually I like this new way to make money. From the A5 forum revised into A5 trading platform will be able to see the future, including a variety of transactions, including domain name transactions will become the main channel for personal earnings.


set foot in the domain name investment, relying on their own eyes and rich experience in the promotion of a number of transactions really big list, which also summed up a number of small experience. Here is necessary and we talk about, however, the author here said the experience was mainly related to sales promotion experience, as for the domain name purchase experience, has long been the domain name registrar written, I will not worry too much. The domain name sale transaction forms according to different channels into three kinds, namely the domain name forum, QQ group is a typical representative of the sale of customer transactions, to the domain name trading platform is a typical representative of the terminal customer transactions and to the webmaster forum, QQ group as the representative station customer transactions.

to the domain name domain name on behalf of the forum, QQ group minon customer transaction form

The so-called

minon customer transaction refers to the form of domain name and domain name investors investors (for investors claiming to rice farmers, the following are called minon), characteristics of this type of transaction is low price, frequent transactions, professional high. Why would say, sale transactions in the form of a typical representative of the forum, QQ group channel domain name, which is decided by the characteristics of the channel, domain name, domain name Trading Forum QQ group is the main position minon gathered in this platform, the professional is very easy to produce trade. Because you know too much, such transactions are generally sold to minon the lowest psychological price, although trading profits are low, but the domain name is easy to sell. If you have some good meters or want to assess the quality of a sale to the domain name, here is the most appropriate advice.

to the domain name trading platform as the representative of the terminal customer transaction form

The terminal customer

as the representative of the so-called domain name trading platform (terminal customers, and intends to purchase the domain name refers to the non enterprise or individual, in the domain of investment industry following special) trading is the trading through domain name trading platform between minon and end customers. The obvious characteristics of this type of transaction are mostly manifested in the buyers: high bid, mostly for the acquisition of behavior, strong desire to buy, poor professional. The reason that the end users are the typical domain name trading platform, there is a lot of case support, such as: Taobao’s acquisition of domain name investors Xiamen scholar domain name, Sina acquisition of, the acquisition of Jingdong is completed by the famous domain name trading platform. Because of this kind of domain name trading platform backed by top-level domain registrar, but also an important platform for the acquisition of information to understand the acquisition, so the end user can become the main representative of the domain name trading platform.


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