Marketing occasion should not blindly imitate Durex you should follow these three principles

talked about an occasion to marketing, the vast majority of marketing practitioners think of brands is the first reaction of Durex. Durex is through focus is quickly and the quality of the brand is micro-blog, which is known. Take a look at the Durex micro-blog recently created several classic occasion marketing case:

Tmall eleven hot


Apple 7 conference


Mid Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival


Durex will almost every social hot (slot point) combined with its own "topic, an interesting interaction with users. Each micro-blog forwarding volume of less than a few, more than a hundred. The occasion of the "Apple 7 headset" hot forwarding and comments are horrendous, forwarding quantity is as high as twenty thousand, creating the highest amount of forwarding history of micro-blog. Should get the best creative award of the year. Please see:



the same Apple’s 7 release, the enterprise is also an occasion, the effect is dismal, belong to hi type. If the result of forwarding and comment on the amount of poor Jiayuan, Okamoto, edaw.




is also an occasion to release 7 hot apple ", what is the reason to cause the difference between the

occasion so big?


first, before we analyze the essence of marketing occasion, see below, taken from a subway station.


Citi credit card in the subway station in the subway station aisle set up a billboard. We did an experiment, interviewed 100 people through the billboard, and found that more than 60% of passers-by said that he had not paid attention to the contents of billboards. In fact, the results of the study of psychology is not surprising, the reason behind is: human beings will only focus on their own interests related to information; treat unrelated information, the brain will automatically filter out. This is related to the structure of the human brain, the hippocampus.


this is why we have so many billboards in the subway station, often only remember what they are familiar with the brand and content. An occasion to marketing, essentially using a human psychology: Everyone don’t want from the groups want to care about other people care about what is simply curiosity.

in order to let everyone understand the occasion > camp

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