Mastered the marketing of the top six priorities you have mastered the marketing

marketing priorities 1: select the business market

simply, any company must choose to compete in the market. To help companies make this choice, we should ask ourselves this question:

what business are we doing now?

what kind of business do we want to do?


market choice is the typical strategy of the company. Choosing a market is often more important than choosing a technology or product. If you can choose to own a market or have a factory, most managers will prefer to have a market.

must continue to make such a market choice decision. Faster environmental change can open up new market opportunities, but also lead to the withdrawal of the existing market. Market choice decisions can completely change a company.

Intel has chosen to withdraw from the traditional storage industry, and decided to enter the microprocessor industry, which has gradually evolved from a storage company to become a global leader in the microprocessor industry.


a company must decide where and where not to compete, and it also has to decide how much to invest, especially to answer key questions about its business and market mix:

what new business and new markets should be invested? – manpower, time, money,

which markets and business companies should give up


which existing businesses and markets should continue to invest in


how many different businesses and markets should invest in their respective


marketing department will not make these decisions, senior management will be responsible for these, but the marketing department must provide good advice. For the top 1, the marketing department plays two key roles:

identify opportunities. Marketing is the only responsibility of the external sector. Marketers should identify potential opportunities through the research environment and cause the attention and attention of the decision-makers.

strategic recommendations. Many departments of the company will take the initiative to carry out strategic design. The finance department will propose acquisitions and divestitures, and the R & D department will propose strategic alliances, and sales forces may launch new distribution systems. It is the responsibility of the marketing department to gain insight into these decisions and to provide recommendations for policy makers.

marketing task 2: clear and targeted market segments

in each B2B or B2C market, customers have diverse needs. A supply may satisfy some customers, but usually many customers are not satisfied. Marketing 2 shows that marketing must determine the market segments – similar needs, similar interests, with a similar level of priority customer base. The needs of different segments of the market, interests, values may be very different. >

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