mprove the lawyer website source into the nternet thinking

Internet development today, has reached a relatively mature stage, all walks of life to the line and online marketing. Offline marketing development for many years, the technical means that is quite mature. But online marketing, which is the so-called network marketing is not mature.

legal profession many lawyers are asking, why not have a website source? You have not network marketing website is the network marketing, it is a "good web page, even after the propaganda push. Here we analyze the source of the problem of lawyers.

a, stable

The stability of

web site includes the stability of the server, the stability of the update, the stability of the correlation, the stability of the link, and so on. Select the web services is a key decision, in network construction, shall ask a lawyer, you need to account for much of the market share, in what way do you want most? What is considered for customers to see? What is used to attract them? They retain what is



lawyers need to create their own style! Do not want to save money, choose the two or three stream of web service company for you nested a template without inspiration. Not to mention lawyers are not bad money. Now the development of large companies rarely involved in the business, because the big companies do is from the development to the late are some of the quality of the service, the relative cost is relatively high, compared with small companies do not have the competitive advantage. The lawyers are very distressed to think, why in the lab launched pinpaijianzhan lawyers in this business, because in development today has not only a big company, he is a legal Messenger, carrying a great responsibility in the Chinese legal industry promotion.

two, publicity

The characteristics of

network marketing with the virtual nature of the client, the first thought is the issue of integrity, how do honest lawyer? Verify integrity of a product in the traditional industry, by means of CCTV, CCTV in the information developed under the conditions of that authority. So for lawyers, good faith is to find the authoritative platform for propaganda, such as legal counsel in network, China network, legal news and so on, why are you more successful than others, it is because you stand on the authority of the platform.

Internet era to facilitate human communication, marketing to make full use of this feature, for example: you see someone on a social platform for legal advice, or their own websites have a message, you need to do is the first time to reply. Lawyers don’t think it’s a waste of time. This time you help him to solve a small problem, the next big problem will find you? You need to find a lawyer will find you?There are many methods to improve the website source

law transformation, especially some training institutions said, less than several dozen, even dozens have. In the final analysis is a good web service providers to lay a good foundation, coupled with the authority of the platform support, the

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