Easy one talk about the promotion of a small soft skills

I have been feeling soft Wen promotion is not illegal, often the effect is also very good. A very simple example, see an article:


tutorial class

station: http://s.chinaz.com
xxxxxxx:xxxxxxx (soft advertising your website information: http://s.chinahtml.com

discuz http://s.discuz.net
phpwind http://s.phpwind.net
dedecms http://s.bbs.dedecms.com

> The ideal blue http://s.mbsky.com

donews http://s.donews.com
techweb http://s.techweb.com.cn
baidu news http://s.news.baidu.com/n? Cmd=1& class=internet& pn=1& from= tab
17 />
news station dig polymerization

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