Talk about how to do a good job in the promotion of new sites

a friend of mine in a year ago to do the site, when the webmaster, invited me to be a staff officer, I readily accepted. However, in the early days of the station, after the excitement of the beginning of the past, followed by only more trouble and bitterness. At first, the time spent on the site, energy, financial resources are great, but the return is very small.

I always advise him, like a long time, one can not eat a fat man. Site problems can only be two places wrong. First, the site itself has a problem, the content is not good, so no one to see. Second, is not enough publicity on the site, resulting in no one to see. The first aspect also need you to do a good job of their own, and we can look at the second aspects of this friend to do this year, I made some small experience and views, I hope you can help. It is not easy to do, golden Wangzhuan hope every webmaster can put their own site do very successful.

: the first to optimize the search engine according to a survey, a website eighty percent visitors are from search engines, now the search engine has accounted for more than half of our lives, no matter what the problem, as long as the search will be able to get a good answer and solve. If you do a good job of optimization, bring your site is a considerable amount of view. In the work of SEO, must not be careless.

second: publicity almost computer using QQ people have QQ, or even a person will apply for several QQ QQ, we can use this free publicity for our resources, in effect, to our benefit is quite good. For example, using the QQ message, we must first join our website on the content of the QQ group, the more the better, and then start sending, is actually not too good, because you write a little over the QQ mail filtering system will give you considered spam, negative impact on your site is very large. But we can use the QQ signature, a brief introduction of our website, add some friends.

third: propaganda and the use of the forum above QQ propaganda, we’ll have some big points of the forum, beginning not directly provided in the forum website, but to mix some time, many top posts and send some high quality posts, and often go to the friend gradually familiar with you, you then began to introduce your site in a roundabout way. Of course, the content of the post to be attractive enough, or to support your friends who may be very disappointed in you.

fourth: mail propaganda this method in fact I’m not recommended, but also can learn from you, to the 163, YAHOO, QQ mailbox to advertise, but be careful not to be as spam, this also will cause negative impact on the website.

fifth: in Baidu know that the publicity we can know in Baidu, Sina and SOSO ask, and ask some question and answer in the release, but don’t be caught, in Baidu know the answer, in reference to write.

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