Break through the bottleneck of enterprise development the way of network marketing for small and me

in twenty-first Century, the traditional marketing model has been a bit tired, home visit, telephone marketing, conference marketing, leaflets issued the traditional marketing modes and so on are getting more and more bad effect, in order to open the market, breaking the bottleneck of enterprise development, more and more business owners to join the network marketing, it has become a a hotly contested spot. The traditional marketing model and network marketing to combine to break the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, the small and medium-sized enterprises to talk about network marketing road

first, do not rely too much on the bidding

many of the private business owners want the effect to the faster, so the usual choice of – bidding. The effect of bidding is to the fastest, but the price is expensive, if one day you are not going to do, then, what you did the rest, the best way is bidding and optimization at the same time, it can reduce costs, but also can get the maximum return. I have seen a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises bidding, no updates are basically, not how to maintain a share of a company, just graduated from the University of time worked the site here, that time has not been exposed to the SEO industry.


this station is 06 years to do, and then has not moved, I believe there should be quite a lot of bosses have made such mistakes. In fact, from a marketing perspective, the website it is still not enough, good user experience can improve the conversion rate of consulting to a great extent, since we have to spend money to attract users, why not do the best to attract customers, reduce the invalid traffic.

secondly, do not trust outsourcing

for many small and medium companies, due to the limitations of the product itself or the company’s ability to take orders, the ability to build their own network marketing department, then outsourcing is a very good choice.

we choose outsourcing companies must pay attention, do not covet cheap which rely on a network of false propaganda, remember before read an article to expose what Taobao 100 yuan commitment optimization to the first page of the company, which said, the shop after receiving only one thing will be the site join their sprocket, enhance their own website, no effect, they tell you network optimization is the need of time, do not do a black hat, to come up, it will ask you to pay the maintenance costs, if you want a refund, then feel shy, they have worked for you.

in the choice of outsourcing companies, small seven think recommendation or choose local company or a trusted friend of the company more secure, but also can consider a part-time SEO consultant, does not need to pay a high salary, they can bring good results for us, now many researchers mostly SEO willing to accept such business.

own network optimization


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