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blog marketing I believe all of you who are not familiar, you may have been marketing imperceptibly, but you do not know this is what is called blog marketing, blog marketing? Blog marketing is through the blog forum website or blog contact bloggers and browsing, using blogger personal knowledge, interest and life experience of communication the commodity information marketing activities. The essence of blog marketing is the knowledge sharing competition discourse through the original professional content, establish the trust authority form a personal brand and thus influence the readers’ thinking to buy a product, the essence of blog marketing is public relations behavior, the following is a detailed introduction of blog marketing some skills of knowledge, and they hope to help everyone, is the practical operation skills in summary, I hope you read after all to practice operation, more beneficial to memory, join in the process of practice their strategy will use better.

first blog marketing to blog, here I recommend a personal independence blog, also is to use your own domain name to open a personal blog, so as long as you don’t get banned advertising how things will not be closed, if these sites you do Sina, Sohu and other blog that is not good the day you did not do soft Wen will be K off, what is the end, I personally do blog, independent blog and personal blog hosting site to do together, the correct positioning and correct choice of blogging platform, can make your blog more easily become the high quality of the blog, more accessible administrators and users of all ages, because there are more resources, long-term high quality content out, to achieve the desired effect of marketing.


blog has been opened since you own packaging, this one must be careful to get their personal data to write, the more detailed the better, convenient to see your blog contact you. First of all to the blog has a name, I suggest that your real name, easy to find your customers, then upload photos, if you find a personal blog in more formal upload photos, if the enterprise can use the enterprise or product map LOGO. Resume, blog to fill in, but also to choose a good template, decorate your space, easy to understand you.

After the end of their own

packaging to write articles, there are a lot of corporate blog is open, but do not know what to write, in fact, this is very simple, the problem about technical difficulties, we focused on customer service, to provide technical support and service for the product, so that we can learn the real knowledge, you will be very interested. At the same time, the company’s own technical strength and service. The quality of the product, to a large extent, is determined by some of the best technical experts of the enterprise, the service of the enterprise, to a large extent, is determined by the after-sales service. Potential customers from the technical and after-sales problem solving, we can see the real strength of the company, to provide products and services to create favorable conditions, which is also marketing.

blog content is very important, the article must be original, do not copy other people’s things, as well as the contents of the article must be true, not >

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