Sichuan nternet development and personal Adsense view

Ali’s mother, a friend to discuss the letter on the Internet and personal Sichuan webmaster, just sum up my own ideas. Posted for everyone to discuss. To find out the real problem, an antidote against the disease, together to the Sichuan Internet development.

back to Chengdu began to explore the issue of the Internet and the owners of the

in Sichuan

, before the blog also said how much. By communicating with local and foreign friends, you can summarize your personal views.

on the Internet in Sichuan

1 from the city, the city of Chengdu is indeed as the media is a leisure city, the whole city commercial atmosphere is very poor, resulting in commercial awareness is poor, the pursuit of high-tech not coastal so crazy;

2 Sichuan people have ideas both have the ability to go to Shenzhen this coastal city of Shanghai, the local stay mostly ease the lives of people, have a house, buy a car, to raise a child, enough to live comfortably, is sufficient; " content of " the four word is best, "Alice feet boss" in Sichuan dialect is very popular here;

3 geographical disadvantage of the west, can not avoid the problem, although the Internet can be exchanged, but I believe you will have such feelings, some things are still a good chat face to face. I went to Beijing several times to communicate deeply;


4 overall environment, Sichuan Internet behind at least 2 coastal, 3 years, at the same time, the Chengdu municipal government to build software city, making the Internet more back is ignored, this point can be contrasted with Chongqing Alibaba, is a typical example, this may be in this year to improve


5 is indeed a good project, in fact, a few issues above the natural conclusion of this conclusion, there is no outstanding talent, there is no impact on the environment, naturally can not be a good project, well-known enterprises. There are not a few well-known enterprises to take the lead in the whole industry is a chaotic state, the development of the Chongqing Internet news group contributed;

6 admittedly, from the perspective of the overall development of the Internet, I still believe that the Internet will have a place in Sichuan, and is an important position. More and more people in the coastal generation of Sichuan began to return to work, the government began to pay attention to the gradual expansion of Internet users.

about personal webmaster


this area is not familiar with, just think this is a very unique group, I have a personal webmaster webmaster and business " " can refer to, on behalf of my point of view, Sichuan webmaster and Internet development, the lack of large, but are too silent, mutual exchange, public relations marketing poor awareness.

overall Sichuan Internet should have contact with the outside world to learn more advanced ideas and concepts, including business management and marketing companies, these can be done through our efforts.

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