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in front of this year formally to appear in the webmaster friends, do the webmaster know too many things to do too much, a network company that all have to be done alone, from market research, web design, domain name registration, hosting, website design, website promotion, SEO optimization, profit the realization of the model and so on, each stage also contains many knowledge and skills, can be described as everywhere is a rookie, then analyze and summarize the practice of learning and practice, I think only personal sorrow and joy as a webmaster can experience. Today I want to share with you the website promotion method, a free way to promote the soft – popular, compared with the previous simple and boring in comparison to advertising, soft Wen in providing readers a kind of information at the same time, imperceptibly to do a AD, readers get the information, the website has been exposed the opportunity, let soft win-win situation become more and more webmaster and Internet users are welcome, so soft, artistic and creative becomes more and more important, the lack of artistic and creative, the effect estimates than straightforward old advertising more boring, the website promotion effect is negative, then write soft there is no trace to be found below we deeply analyze?.

we can learn from the experience of the television advertising industry to see how they have been groping all the way.

entry-level advertising: direct introduction of products and advertising; celebrity endorsement advertising: primary products; intermediate advertisement: Story of advertising, with products as the lead; senior advertising: a radical characteristic of exaggerating the product, make the advertisement evoked the curiosity of the audience; the ultimate advertising content and product Never mind. But the abstract concept and the significance of advertising with the homogenization of products, allowing users to link the two promotion process to allow the audience to participate in advertising from the psychological level.

remember the "taught you how to write soft Wen" personal writing soft stage made a division, and provided some good place to release the soft, and this will teach you several types of soft writing, just as when we are in high school, writing, argumentative, expository preface written so divided the same. Nonsense not to say, look at the following.

entry level:

to each big blogs and forums to find the most popular and their websites take the point of the relationship between the modified AD inside, into their own website name and domain name on the line.

advantages: do not mind, fast.

shortcomings: not strong contact with the site, homogenization serious, easy to be repeated by the user to have a negative impact.

For the crowd:

(here is the rookie period with "taught you how to write text" of the three different stages in terms of



is not a simple copycat, look for the popularity of the high correlation to write a soft, re on the subject without changing the theme of the article, and then back to the source of the original article, borrow to increase the popularity of self.

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