How does a Guangzhou mail company do 700 million users

if you mention the master of the mailbox industry, and now Tencent Zhang Xiaolong WeChat should be second to none. Because the latter was acquired after the acquisition of Tencent Foxmail, and thus on the basis of the introduction of the impact of the entire Chinese mobile phone APP.

however, behind Zhang Xiaolong, in Guangzhou, there is another mail company, has been sitting on 700 million users. In addition to the huge user base, and even BMW and Mercedes Benz, Peking University and Tsinghua’s official e-mail have chosen the name of the world’s surplus Coremail mail system.

Ying Shi Coremail mail system began to develop in 1999, is the first set of China Chinese mail system, currently in the Chinese mainland has more than 700 million users, is the mail system of NetEase,, TOM and other operators have been using the mail system is widely used in government, institutions, enterprises and other institutions, science and education.


is different with the ordinary mail, Ying Shi Coremail is for the B side of the enterprise mailbox, behind CEO Chen Leihua is China earlier a group of college students in Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, the ups and downs of twenty years, Chen Leihua has been held in the vertical field, carefully polished, and the final achievement.

this story has to start from 17 years ago.


from the special fun to half hacker

in the last century, most people do not know why computers, Chen Leihua has been in contact with the computer every day. The first is to learn the BASIC language, feel particularly fun, basically all the knowledge learned from that place… Love playing computer that a group of people they are divided into many types, some people love to do some programming, love playing games, we are like crack." He said.

half a hacker, the reporter asked with a smile, Chen Leihua seems to be very proud of this title: Facebook culture is hacking culture, that is, you have to insist on doing one thing, and then think about. When can enter the server to do what thing is very important is that you should be more patient than others, many people may try after 5-6 do, we are trying to 100-200 times, or even more, one day, two days, three days are repeated in the simple things, but adjust the strategy in the process of trying to some degree will find the results you want, so this is a way of doing things. Including Facebook is also now follow this culture, called the implementation of culture, which is now we see a more fun methodology."

since then, Chen Leihua from the half hacker turned to entrepreneurs, and this role change, and an Internet giant inextricably linked – NetEase.

"at that time (1997) NetEase founded, let me"

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