Taobao customers to promote ideas the use of Taobao QQ music to make money to promote customers

QQ said, there is always endless topic, this software seems to Wangzhuan the hearts of those who have a pivotal position before, and we talked about a QQ marketing topic, today, Huo always want to share with you is Taobao customers to promote the use of QQ music.

ideas: lyrics production

through the lyrics making way to leave QQ, web site, WeChat number, then N can be uploaded to the Internet, many people see, this way is not only suitable to QQ music, including cool dog, cool and so on, much the same way, you can leave Taobao seckill group XXXXX, such information also do QQ group promotion. You can leave a similar "add my QQ free one XXXX resource information, it can play a good drainage effect.

of course, this is just one of the ways QQ music to do Taobao promotion, and not the focus of our talk today.

two ideas: QQ music free verification code review

QQ music address, I will not bothersome, you can search, after entering, random find a hit song, we can find that after landing, can the music evaluation, of course, there are two caveats:

1, words can not be more than 120 words;

2, the comment will be synchronized to your login account used by Tencent micro-blog.

up to now, there is not a lot of drainage operation friends here, in other words, the kind of drainage, has not yet died, still can operate, as shown below:



1, high popularity, good flow

2, can drain to their own micro-blog

3, do not need to fill in the verification code (with the help of the wizard automatically send software)

4, you can leave a link to jump directly

how to use

mastered the promotion way, if can’t be used, then such knowledge and learn and not learn is the same, what is the key, then, such a model, how to use? And then share with you several application modes:

1, QQ marketing

stay QQ group (spike group, discount group, etc.), the introduction of a particular demand for traffic, to guide their own QQ or Tencent micro-blog.

2, SkyDrive money

any of the songs, are not independent, love a song of the users are usually interested in a song, here comes the "class", may be in accordance with the singer to distinguish, may also be a quarter of the game, according to the word, you can put some songs. Upload to some SkyDrive search advertising ("SkyDrive money"

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