Analysis of petal net operation strategy micro blog social marketing

probably in the second half of last year, more concerned about the petals of micro-blog, which is the time to promote the petals of micro-blog is doing when the fierce. With the petals of the friends and talked a few times, for some experience. Today, I want to make a simple list of what I have done to observe the petals.


new user boot problem

to allow users to register into the community to be seen, not ice, petal asks the user to select the topic of interest, in the registration process and classification, after the user selected, by default to help users to pay more attention to the field of the board. This is actually a solution to the problem of starting a new user in a community. Personal guess the Sketchpad is selected corresponding to the editor in advance, under specific categories.

this step almost all communities have to do, today, to carry it out alone. The attributes of each community are not the same, in this step is not the same. Sina micro-blog in all new user registration is the default to pay attention to 20 or so V certified users, these users cover well-known, star, local government public accounts. Know that in the new user registration process requires users to choose the topic of interest, attention to these topics on the expertise of celebrity users. Find the current approach is to allow users to select the site of interest in the user registration process, the topic of concern.

all of these strategies are mainly to allow new users to enter the site after the content can be seen, on the other hand, also expressed the operator’s propensity to guide. For example, the official can give some celebrities cooperation in this step to send some fans; or to some cooperation website to send some subscribers. Finally, this step is also to the user: see so many celebrities have been using × × Web site / see here are so many high quality website content can be read, you choose the right!

petal official account

official official website official website also played a positive role in the site. The official account of the petals mainly do these things:

1, released weekly, petals petals interviews and other activities, and will organize each content into a unified palette.

2, according to the hot and festive arrangement and release the corresponding board. Chinese New Year wallpaper".

3 and some other high quality board.

The official account of the

site is basically a demonstration of the role, as well as the need to publish and promote the theme of the operation activities. The official account operates relatively good such as clap, is mainly released every day activities, and regularly publish some high quality lead content.

petal weekly

petal weekly itself does not have too many creative places, and the general website of the EDM wake up mail almost. But the petals do better is to build a special

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