Use Baidu news to get tens of thousands of traffic

look before the note: this method is suitable for the original like the webmaster, collection class is not very useful!

imagine Baidu traffic will know the problem is not exaggerated

this is a long-term and stable flow acquisition method. Don’t worry about being K, as long as you guarantee content

how to join the Baidu news source for professional website, join the Baidu news source to become the source of Baidu news website, not only can enhance the value of the site. And "the world’s largest Chinese through Baidu search engine this platform, users will have access to the frequency may be higher in a wider range to your news web site, and then bring potential traffic for your website".

to join the Baidu news source site standards, Baidu is described below:

Baidu hopes to diversify news sources to encourage original news content. If there is a large number of valuable news content and can be updated in a timely manner, the formal and legitimate media sites, and the site server stability, high speed, in line with the basic principles of Baidu included news sources.

Baidu news search included the contents including politics, entertainment, sports, finance, education and culture, social life and other kinds of news and media comments, information and market evaluation of digital products, real estate, automobile, market dynamics and various industries, organizations such as dynamic work is Chinese information professionals by writing or editing no, including the release of personal information, forums, blogs, advertising, humor, emotional story, erotic, portrait, stills, star records, recipes, download, multimedia and other types of Internet information and other languages.

has the experience and practice of sea e-commerce marketing agency, Baidu news website about the standard audit source are summarized as follows: 1. The website can provide timely industry information and comments on the rich and valuable; 2 sites have a certain visibility and influence in the industry.

if you feel that your site is in line with the above two conditions, you can apply to become Baidu news site. Baidu news protocol needs to be written in XML format. Here is a form of electronic commerce to provide a format, as long as the following [[]] replaced, and then save as a XML file on the line.

< XML 1.0" encoding="? Version=" gb2312" >
– < document>
  < webSite> [/webSite>] website domain name <
  < webMaster> [EMAIL] < administrator;
  < updatePeri> [update] &>

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