Business partnership company please deliberative Dusing it is as important to marriage

in the process of the development of many start-up companies, the relationship between the founding team members is a topic worth exploring. This is before the recruitment of CEO, Boss on direct hire founder Zhao Pengzhen on this issue.

familiar with the start-up companies are aware of the start-up company is often 711 hours of work (7 days a week, 11 hours a day), the founding team members are almost all of the life of each other. Together with the founding team to run over the seeds, A, B, C, D, E wheel, such as the long track, to carry the winter together, playing over competing products, hiding the giants. In this case, who is doing business with whom and who is as important as life.

so, how to find a partner, how to get along with each partner is a required course.

don’t believe in fairy tales

the "Three Kingdoms" in selling sandals Liu Bei met sell date together in the Guan Yu, a nouveau riche Zhang Fei occupation, Taoyuan three sworn brothers, success story of shu. But in the real world, entrepreneurs believe that the fairy tale is a lie, do not believe in the coffee shop encounter a good partner this small probability event.

looking for partners, should consider factors (partner in the former occupation also should consider these factors):

1, ability complementary

small five to taste. Products, marketing, technology and operation aspects are indispensable, this also means that the person in charge of each part to be able to take charge as chief of. If the team founder background and skills are too similar, it is prone to the ability to shun, is not conducive to the development of the company.

2, growth

startup is a very rapid process, which requires the growth rate of the founding team members to be able to keep up with the pace of development of the company. Didi taxi CTO Zhang Bo before adding drops Baidu T4 level employees, all the way to follow the growth of drops, and now Baidu T9 employees in the past, Zhang Bo has been able to manage them.

3, can really work hard

in the development of partners, there are three people need to consider carefully:

is one who used to earn high salaries, this group of people are willing to come together through thick and thin, is also planning to make a career, but they said the pain may be a month only 30 thousand pieces of pocket money;

two is a person who has a mortgage problem and a tight cash flow at home, because you can’t be sure that things are going to get better. Don’t put your expectations on the unknowable;

is not the last stock, only willing to take a salary, do senior employees who have a mindset called "shoes, sweet".

looking for these people, it is recommended to find a suitable person in the relative understanding of the. If the first method is out of order, it can be considered with the help of a powerful intermediate link

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