The strategy of small website advertising in network marketing

in any integration of network marketing strategies are not lack of advertising strategies, so this time in establishing the advertising strategy, how should we choose the advertising model? Is CPA or CPS, CPC and so on; if you want to immediately if Baidu keyword promotion, Google advertising alliance will be suitable. If it is for the word of mouth, then choose a local or large-scale portal station is more appropriate. Not all companies are rich, can afford to pay Sina, NetEase and other portals advertising costs, so we have to plan in the marketing strategy, how to choose a small website cooperation model. Cooperation with small sites need to pay attention to those places?

is not a small web site is a business partner. In the channels of cooperation, although the flow of cooperation, can make the risk of the enterprise is the lowest, but if not choosing to any small sites have a cooperation, not only a waste of resources, will also form a good reputation, in small website operators obviously, enterprises can not bring benefits to any type the small website.

cooperation with small sites, but also in line with the principle of content is king. The original content of the site, should be the preferred cooperation website. Such a site, because the content is authoritative, updated quickly, easy to search engine included, site traffic will gradually increase over time. For businesses, such a small site also has the most potential for cooperation.

, on the contrary, those who rely on the promotion with the flow station, perhaps the beginning flow is good, but because the content is not updated in a timely manner, in the promotion after the end of the flow will decline. There are such small sites, in order to achieve the purpose of cooperation with the enterprise, in the early to spend money to do promotion, can bring a certain amount of traffic. However, because of no investment experience to do the content, long term, traffic will be less and less, will eventually fade in search engine rankings. So, with this kind of station cooperation, enterprises should be cautious.

in cooperation with small sites, companies try to choose those products related to the site, we must avoid arbitrariness. For example, in a station for the teaching content of how to make money to join page, CPS link, so many people don’t click on the link, the effect of course is up. The reason for this, the content of the page is located in the station above, while the CPS link is really the learners, just think, visit this page webmaster, many webmaster have a car, don’t need to learn to drive. But if on this page, a way to help to make money in the CPS link, for example, a coalition of income, so, almost certainly, browse this page every webmaster, can click on this link, the link relative to drive school, the conversion rate will flow.

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, in a timely manner with a small site cooperation, enterprises should also be carefully selected, those qualifications are poor, inconsistent with the conditions, the selection of those who engage in the degree of overlap. The blowing sand began to gold ", Select >

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