Olympic marketing is not in the arena is the amount of off the shelf Kung fu

2016 Rio Olympics, for the major brands, media, advertisers, is undoubtedly a major battlefield of marketing. In the face of changes in user habits, changes in media platforms and technology, brand marketing environment changes, the major media platforms have focused on the Olympic marketing resources, hoping to play tricks, play different.

with the new version of Olympic brand videos and print ads online, NetEase also announced a series of Olympic marketing series of initiatives in the near future, including NetEase spokesman Ning Zetao to create a "big battle" to muscle, wonderful keynote speech and dialogue champion for the content of the "Olympic Games" and the open class, 17*24 hours of "Rio home" real-time reports of the Olympic Games strategy etc..





these initiatives are further indicates that: the focus of the Olympic marketing is not only how to play the Olympic 17 days of competition, more focus has been " before the game and outside the stadium, the Olympic Games marketing; " perhaps more can interpret the true meaning of the Olympic marketing. Therefore, how to through the digital media and more creative theme, the core concept of the Olympic Games, the core spirit of close transmission and integration into people’s lives, this may be the force of the Olympic marketing point.

let the Olympic Games into the daily lives of consumers


is a large field of " and " " " atmosphere; the concept of brand in this field concept, find the relevance of Olympic marketing, can not just focus on what the stars, Olympic gold resources, and can live related events, from the consumer to start with the concept of small, small scene, search and the connection point of the Olympic Games, and to carry out marketing occasion, to find more valuable and meaningful marketing theme.

, for example, NetEase will work together with Ning Zetao, the fiery on-line "muscle major combat" column, led by Ning Zetao the user in the form of fitness to conform to the current fitness craze, the Olympic Star Charm into the motion of a scene fit, more natural to love sports, watch the Olympics friends interactive participation opportunity. A total of 16 columns, each one action, the final phase of the program will be launched in August 9th, when the user can " ", Ning Zetao will also usher in the Olympic debut.

in the national fitness era, more and more people to participate in the movement of the boom, with Ning Zetao and fitness movement in the form of user driven, also let the Olympic Games not only stay on the screen, there is no longer a distant concept, but into people’s lives, into people life, let everybody to feel movement on the change of life.


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