Make good use of the three consumer psychology to promote more efficient network

in the network marketing and the marketing process, we are often in order to achieve the effect of rapid marketing, take the "overwhelming bombing," marketing model, not only made a lot of useless information waste, it is easy to cause potential consumers because of resentment and turn to marketing materials for the spontaneous boycott, marketing and promotion effect. To solve this problem, we need to engage in network marketing in as little as possible to take simple and crude way, and more effort, more about marketing object — consumer psychology, so as to make it easier for them to accept our marketing object, marketing and promotion to receive better effect. Research on consumer psychology is the traditional economics in existence for a long time the subject, so we can learn from the traditional consumer economics studies on consumer psychology, its application in our network promotion and marketing.

1 products as the center, to build the appropriate style atmosphere to stimulate the desire to buy".

although network marketing on the Internet, but the reality of marketing have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. We all know that in the process of consumption of reality, in order to promote the desire of consumers to buy, as marketing of the shop will try to put out shop decoration and adapt to the style of products, so as to adapt the characteristics of the product style atmosphere, so that consumers can shop in the process in the view of the commodities are infected the style atmosphere, so as to stimulate the desire to buy more, stimulate consumer behavior, more sales and profits for businesses.

in the network marketing, this method to create a certain style atmosphere is still applicable, it is embodied in: for marketing products, be familiar with and understand the characteristics, understand the corresponding consumer groups, and then choose this kind of crowd density biggest forum platform for targeted marketing, and with good the atmosphere of these platforms, make marketing more in line with the potential of consumer psychology, to allow them to receive marketing. At the same time, in the preparation of marketing materials, it is necessary to fully take into account the characteristics of the psychological acceptance of the target market, the use of targeted text and tone, etc., to achieve better marketing results.

2 to the real case as a guide, to play the role of consumer herd mentality.

when consumers in shopping, an essential step is through various channels to inquire into consumer goods quality and effect, for example, when buying clothes often ask how to buy clothes the price and the quality of friends, buy a variety of consumables will be through friends how issues such as the quality and process in this process, it can be seen by consumers with "herd mentality", especially when there are friends with personal experience of a commodity to recommend the most easily, can stimulate the impulse to buy, and the desire to buy is the most reliable and the most easy to reach.

in the process of network marketing, marketing materials for the preparation and organization, you can learn from this consumer psychology, the use of

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