Promotion series one how to use QQ group promotion


is the personal website publicity has problems, I made a "pioneer 90 webmaster of the students in grade 3: the owners of the road" there are so many people with my QQ, a lot of people ask me questions of website promotion.

In fact,

website promotion is very much, mainly depends on how you use it. I want to write a series of articles on the promotion, I should start talking about promotion website


QQ group is actually a lot of ways, I prefer two ways: cooperation and penetration.

: the main communication and cooperation can be how to achieve mutual benefit, the bait can be very much, for example, can be said that the forum with him and the advantages of the record can be permanently retained, to solve the user online time is not uniform, help it become the industry first, to help the QQ group propaganda, to help them recruit more high quality users and so on, very much, of course, different types of theme in different ways. I suggest the best way to find a cooperative, but the requirement is high, such as looking for some in the industry itself is very high, the group of very smart and ambitious.

penetration: whether in the network or the society, there are people to accept a process, QQ group promotion penetration is the same, need to make group of people to accept your website is not easy, good QQ group even if you talk to cooperate with the main user group will not accept you, can use infiltrators, I know the two methods, 1 for each person to swim suits, 2 input of his own blood.

I’ll use an example to illustrate two ways.

: a case of my global forum to have an official recognition of the QQ group, I am in a cooperative + infiltrators aligned, I and group communication, said different time online can’t communicate, record cannot be permanently, BBS QQ group is full, you want to keep the industry must first permanent need an extended platform forum to help him become the industry’s top QQ group, QQ group but that we are the official forum. Then I put the BBS data group to the forum, and then collect the usual discussion records, integrated into the article, and then sent to the forum. To communicate with the author (which is penetration, let him establish contact with the site), let him number and then send up, he will tell group insiders. Also often communicate with other people online, ask the forum board strengths and weaknesses, to provide improvement programs. On the foot a break, at a certain time in the group will be very understanding, you think this site is very normal, you will succeed.

Case two:

infiltration in above case is also used, but the global forum is also used in other places, provides an address QQ group released and encourage others to build the group, seems to promote the QQ group, is also a kind of penetration, the main advertising, he will have a tacit understanding in you here at that time, the others he thinks this website is normal, I have highlighted the blood Daquan QQ group propaganda, have entered, as long as there is a person inside the website >

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