1 million 300 thousand postgraduate entrance examination data suspected leaked packaged to sell only

130 graduate entrance examination data suspected leak

[TechWeb] November 28th news, in 2015 the national postgraduate entrance examination will be held from December 27, 2014 to 29. But in a month before the start, appeared on the Internet was the sale by the end of 2014 1 million 300 thousand in November PubMed user information. Some users said, suspected PubMed entrance data was compromised.

it is understood that the seller’s data is not only related to the PubMed user’s name, gender, and mobile phone number, phone number, ID number, home address, zip code, apply for the professional schools, and other sensitive information. The number 15000 is about 1 million 300 thousand, the package price sellers, allegedly sold several times before the price is. At present, there are many PubMed users, received questions and answers to sell, sell the phone do tutorial.

reasons for data leakage, is currently under further investigation. Related sources, the disclosure of a lot of links, the system may be loopholes, cyber attacks, it may be improper internal management.

it is understood that the number of sites each year, the number of vulnerabilities doubled, security issues and release platform cloud network revealed that in 2013 the year by about more than 40 thousand vulnerabilities, in 2012 was more than 20 thousand. Clouds network co-founder Wu Di said, to prevent and remedy vulnerabilities, is not easy. Some large financial institutions, Internet companies, generally have a full-time security team to do, but for ordinary enterprises, especially the Internet financial, O2O and many other entrepreneurial companies, may be early programmers and developers to do some business, but now the ability, economic strength or focus on not to secure this a, so a lot of problems, the short term is difficult to solve, may be more original. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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