Social media marketing attention You can’t do this with a social advantage

recently, social media marketing is very fire, because it is both the spread of the user’s influence is very large. Why social? What do you really want to integrate social media into marketing and


users are subject to the circle of friends in the popular, it has a huge share, like a variety of functions, nature or social factors, gradually, lack in the real social network is active in social networking, WeChat has a closer view of the expression of heart function, but also carries the information industry.



in a computer, mobile phone screen, flashing is the user’s interaction.

social media marketing advantage: user interaction

of Durex marketing knows, Durex did not just advertising and edge (any one of these two Adult supplies can easily do it, but so many condoms only, Durex marketing has been recognized more and more customers), if you carefully concern Durex micro-blog, you will find that he is not a dead official account, but like a somewhat humorous gentleman, gentleman and sometimes bad, he quietly to display despotic power, but never lost.

the Durex brand character comes from the interaction with the user. A shy, fade out of poker-faced, the product itself has to create a yellow color of meat, and taste the true to life material brand image.

social media marketing should be avoided: do not engage in marketing rival

some brands use black and grey marketing has gained attention, but in all of these "attack" their own marketing mode, once the concept of marketing to belittle opponents, concerned with the loss of brand style, it is difficult to identify more or more to get lost.

we give an example here: the Shenzhou car hot circle of friends on uber.

The poster for Uber

story originated in China launched a car, using a number of public figures hit "Beat U! I was afraid of the dark car" banner, directed at the special software uber.

first, Uber has a certain influence in the country, not hardcore fans also have a lot of user habits, unprovoked black Uber can stimulate the part of the "justice" of the heart attack, China will have the public opinion is the car.

again, the Shenzhou car put himself in a very high position: openly critical opponent. "That is not the opponent" this kind of behavior is the most effective privately used Navy siege, not to criticize the opponent because the official attitude, "do unto others" this rule will not induce users to dig you.

general, Shenzhou car in day and do not have the advantage.


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