Entrepreneurship is not the beginning of concern is the norm you need to accumulate

reported December 10th hunting cloud network (Translation: circle)

editor’s note: the author of Tobias van Schneider is the co-founder of the combination of service platform for designer Semplice Labs, who is Spotify’s design director and non-profit organization AIGA New York professional design director.

we applaud the success stories and are inspired by the success of the companies and celebrities who have achieved great success.

these success stories will always occupy a large number of news stories, encourage us to work harder. Although these examples can be inspiring, but they also have the formidable.

In addition to

things looks, we want to understand these success stories. We should think about what we do every day, not always with their own small projects and others into the years of big projects compared to the project, which is not comparable. We just think we’re trying.

my mother often said to me: "Tobias, you have to remember that everyone is squatting squatting. Not even your teacher and your president."

to this day, I still think this is not rough rough, I have great guidance.

whenever I consider others busy, I will always think of my mother told me by saying that everyone, everyone is from the start of the stumbled.

we should work hard to create success, but we are willing to believe that "overnight" legend. We seek instant gratification, always searching for the secret of quick success, even though we know it is impractical.

do not know why, when we are constantly asking others the secret of success, it is difficult for us to get a satisfactory answer. If so, we will not give up, it won’t stop.

for me, the right thing to do is to understand the beginning of things. In other words, we should not care about the results. Sometimes, the secret of success lies in this. In the beginning, you will feel that what you do is boring, is nothing more than a new project, but in the back, you will find that only small things can make a big man.

we all know that angry birds is "overnight fame". But how many people know that the three founders of it in the introduction of "angry birds" before the game, designed 50 types of unknown game, let the company almost bankrupt? "Angry birds" is that they save the last straw. So we don’t get "overnight" self deception, which have so many

good luck!

who told you overnight or overnight stories about people who are not interested in your success; they just want to lie in your pocket.

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