Some suggestions for the website to keep visitors

in fact, as long as a web site can provide a valuable content, then the site will be able to succeed. This is the trend of the development of search engines, of course, this is the willingness of users. Search engine is for the majority of Internet users, Internet users is his God, his God so demanding, he dare not do so?

is our help enterprises network, is established in the business circle game, but the game business is only three months, business after the game after it is not possible to try the three site away, we will let him have a better development. So we will write every article, write valuable articles, I think this is the key to our success.

today is about the website how to retain users, in fact, I have already mentioned above, it is not good, what secret, it is impossible to have what secret, but do the speaking is too broad, contrary to the spirit of our enterprise network, we only share the most useful network promotion of things, the most practical the network marketing things, then I would say a few specific website I retain user suggestions.

a professional is the most beautiful

for example, do you remember Wen Jiabao, the prime minister ‘s female translator, who impressed everyone with his performance at the press conference on?. That’s the occupation that is professional, it is beautiful.

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes horse saddle, even if the value of the value of the site is also not carrying a gun taishan. Don’t like rephoenix like, although inferior to Kongming, but still being discriminated against, because the ugly, not to go away with Liu Bei, it was buried, our website is the same, not out of impression.

must be professional, atmospheric, authoritative. This is really important.

two, give me a reason to click

through our unremitting efforts, our hard work, finally to attract users, but users into the site, look at those Dankan than water are sick of the title, click on the watch? Although the content is the same, but a new title will attract the user clicks.

title must arouse the curiosity of the user, we can use the mood to write questions, select a number of users often encounter problems as the title. For example, our website help enterprises network is analysis of network promotion methods of website, users here is just a way of network marketing to learn snacks network promotion strategy, may also bring doubt in. Would like to know a certain point, just in time to see their own problems, in fact, in the end the content can not solve his problems are secondary, he will certainly click on.

three, the user again

yes, what the user come to your website? What put it in the favorites? You can try to ask yourself if it want to clear, then do a website too easy.


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