We should consider the details of the soft marketing

As everyone knows the role and effect of

marketing in here briefly, enhance corporate value, show the corporate brand, enhance the site in Baidu trust and be too numerous to enumerate. But now I found that many companies do marketing a lot of people are not very understanding, such as every copy of pseudo original article that this is a lot of soft marketing, the author believes that the so-called SEO article released every day at best is soft Wen promotion simply marketing two words, because SEO soft purpose is to get outside the chain, get outside chain and marketing still has a very large gap, the author thinks that marketing is through careful planning with many valuable papers on one of the characteristics of enterprises such as brand, values and so on, and these articles, from shallow to deep, below I will own some ideas in the marketing process and everyone a detailed analysis.

first, select the soft marketing, we identify the marketing positioning is very important.

most of the time we do marketing purpose is very clear, to promote our products or create our own brand, confirm their own advantages and value to the outside world, to product marketing, for example, as a soft marketing planners and implementers to understand the product characteristics and the needs of the target user, combined with the user’s actual needs and problems to find the best, can impress users to allow users to generate action to buy articles for us soft arguments and the value of the user as a marketing positioning, here I just want to remind you that the secret is the core of marketing soft text is how to effectively reflect their own product advantages and what is the difference between peers is different we often say.

For example: the

enterprise is the tourism website, so I want to choose to choose good publicity, to Xi’an area tourism site to hot spots, be too numerous to enumerate, but also All flowers bloom together. around Xi’an, at this time how their website can stand out? On their own analysis, such as the drive from Lantian Tangyu hot springs from Xi’an near the single as long as 1.5 hours to fully meet the car driving, secondly, spa is a natural hot springs, temperatures up to 60 degrees, this is our core features, is the area of the selling point, is the embodiment of our differences and the value of the selling point.

second, select the base camp to effectively target customers.

most of the time we just to release the soft SEO, of course, the marketing effect as can be imagined if we can, in reality in the process of marketing the needs of users and groups to find out the location, will undoubtedly improve our soft Wen marketing effect. In an example: the enterprise is computer software and hardware products, the author’s writing is for the computer military government enterprise electromagnetic leakage emission protection, mainly to prevent the military government enterprises related to leakage of computer video information through the display, this time the launch of our targeted video related products. First introduce the product function and use, followed by a large number of countries is for the production.

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