Jinshan cloud was 50 million C round of investment demand for the outbreak of live video ready

investment community news May 9th Kingsoft subsidiary Jinshan cloud for C+ round of investment of nearly $50 million, and $60 million C round of financing together, the Jinshan cloud round series financing totaling more than $100 million, the valuation of the company more than $1 billion 100 million. This round of investment by investors in the CM lead investor, Jinshan software with investment, financing is completed, on a fully diluted basis, Kingsoft Kingsoft holds cloud 51.83% share holdings to 52.15%, CM investors holding approximately 1.8% Jin Shanyun shares.


it is reported that, after this round of financing, according to the network and broadcast for red cloud explosive demand, Jinshan cloud mainly will focus on funding the development of video cloud service, ready for the size of more than one hundred billion live video market.

Jinshan cloud by Kingsoft CEO, executive director Zhang Hongjiang created in 2012 from the Jinshan software split independent operations, under the Beijing Jinshan cloud Network Technology Co., ltd.. January 2015 Fu Qingming, former general manager of sina research and development division as Jinshan cloud CTO. As a professional cloud storage service providers, Jinshan cloud currently has a fast disk, cloud service platform, etc..

Prior to

, Jinshan cloud millet technology $1 million 820 thousand Angel round of investment in December 2012; in August 2013, DST received $20 million A round of investment; in August 2014, millet billion yuan RMB B round of investment; in March 2015, Kingsoft and IDG get $52 million 660 thousand B+ round of investment capital; in February 2016, Kingsoft and IDG get $60 million C capital round of investment.

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