Analysis of love station network Baidu weight and promotion model

yesterday and a webmaster friends chatted for a long time, and now say what stand to attract webmaster webmaster. This is a question worth exploring. First of all, we should know what is the most concerned about the topic and the topic. We can’t do it too. Too common to have core competencies. So I can not talk about what a great progress. Of course, this is just before word. But then the topic is with the webmaster friends chatted about the love station network.

below we will explore how the love of the station network charm. Why can be so popular in a short time. Today, I love to find love station network Alexa rankings: found its ranking has entered more than 5000. This is just a short period of time, its development is now just a few months time. Although this ALEXA ranked traffic data is not accurate. Its ranking. It is not necessarily the flow of some of the ALEXA low ranking sites to large. But it is in the webmaster, as well as for the love of the network itself. Should be a big boost. The data initially seem incredible. But when we think about it, it doesn’t make sense.

love station network to tell the truth in the previous link has not heard, I do not know if you are friends with the micro channel link is the same situation. Vaguely remember when the spring festival. When I returned to the company to work, not to Admin5 Tang Shi Junyu personal blog, see Tang Shi Junyu to like the love station network do some article (this is the first time I know this website). So it was curious to see how this love station network in the end, they went in to see how. Just go in and look at this site, the first impression is that the site is generally like it. It just seems to make people feel that this site is very simple and very simple. Function seems not much. But the function is quite able to attract the eye of the webmaster thing – Baidu weight query. Has been heard before Google PR query, Baidu snapshot query, Alexa ranking query, etc.. This is the first time Baidu snapshot query found. Holding the curiosity of the webmaster. This function will be used immediately. So in the input box to enter the Shows that the weight of Baidu is 1. Then look at the bottom of the show is about some of the site’s index of Baidu keyword ranking, found that some of its key words, such as the link platform, link exchange, etc.. Initially feel that this site is displayed by the weight of Baidu keyword ranking to determine (accurately by the Baidu keyword index to judge).

wrote this article, in fact also wrote first love station network. As well as some basic functions of the love station network to do a simple analysis. In fact, these words alone. I also feel that there is no meaning to write this article. Because a good site is not only a good function, he needs a good promotion model. >

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