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    recently found on the network showing more and more individual owners, with a large number of web application system, a large number of similar sites began to appear on the Internet, has started a new Lun IP battle, how to make our victory in this battle, today I want to talk about is that please do not put the website

own garbage

    what is the site of the garbage, your website is very simple accumulation of a pile and a pile of your site not related, or that the Internet has appeared on hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands of things, why do you say so, you see, a collection of sites you can bring you many IP?? Of course, some people will say I can choose the number of copies not too many articles, of course, this is desirable, ha ha, but many friends don’t do that, regardless of the consequences, collection content, directly from other websites crazy collection, the contents of the day you can get on top of others 1 years to do down the website content, a copy of the emergence of a large number of stations.

      here tells everyone not to copy those websites, you can choose some original strong website to collect, for your keyword ranking will have great benefits, if you collect a collection of Web sites, you can wait for your web traffic. Oh, you can wait until, how many, 100200 or 300, can clearly tell you, unless you collected the content on 10W, otherwise you will not have a good flow, again, even if the acquisition of 100W, such as your high Gao Xingxing saw a large number of search engines included your web page when you, there may be unexpected, but don’t get too happy, a few days back flow down quickly, even because of excessive replication by search engine plucking.

      this is the first reason I told people not to waste their websites, copying too much, no meaning.

      on SEO, is very cruel to garbage sites, we all know that Baidu is the most love the original works, if the content of your website in the original more than 80%, then Baidu will think your site is bisexual, Baidu spider will often visit your site, and not short and you are included, included page website if you get lots of praise words contained in your article keyword ranking will be very high. That article a few key words to bring you even more than 1000 of the IP you collected articles, do not believe you can try. Oh, ranking problem is what I want to say that the second major drawbacks of the site of garbage.

      of course, when your article is getting higher and higher (and the content is too much), Baidu may visit you in 1 months

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