Lao Xie on how was pseudo original

The content of the site has been

the focus of everyone’s attention, and the content of the website is often to appear in the form of articles, many webmaster very difficult to complete the original article, so there is no way, only to study the pseudo original.

Lao Xie believes: pseudo original article is definitely not an article to modify the product, rather than a PS.

that can be done, the high quality of the original article.

first, careful reading you think the quality is very good article, pay attention to a sentence must read.

second, coupled with their own thinking, the views of his article is reasonable, do you have a different point of view.

third, read the contents of the article, with their own words, write down, in which must add their own things.

fourth, when writing the article, do not use the original article, then the structure can also make their own adjustments, so that the SEO is very helpful.

is the most important, to do so, can train your ability, I believe you do so soon, you can write their own original content, so Laoxie think this article is necessary, I hope useful to the webmaster. Lao Xie QQ466715240, I hope to communicate with the majority of the webmaster ideas.

this is the first stop in the original ADMIN5 in the original station, reproduced please specify: Xie network marketing consultant

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