Talk about peach creative marketing underwear

in a few days is China’s annual Tanabata Valentine’s day". Valentine’s Day boys usually give Valentine’s Day gift to the beloved girl. For the gift, of course, every boy wants to give a special gift to the girl who likes, hoping to give them a surprise, get their favor. In recent years, many businesses in order to meet the arrival of Valentine’s day, but also launched a number of alternative Valentine’s day, wearing underwear water peach, as follows:


underwear up to more than and 30 yuan a catty

water peach can be said to be a lot of girls love to eat a fruit. And last night, Shao Lianhu also bought his wife a few pounds of water peach, is four yuan a dollar. This wearing underwear peach price I just look at Taobao, is more than and 30 dollars a pound, up to seven times. Of course, we just bought a peach, buy is a kind of creative, is a very special water mitao.

peach ripe to wear underwear to marry

Shao Lianhu cursory look at the details of Taobao products. With the method of product humanization, the peach was born is described, such as ripe peach, the married, you have to get married under the package. Her daughter grew up to marry peach, too, mature and want to get married. But wearing underwear to marry. And underwear or can be customized private, peach wear underwear has become a white Formica. So the price will certainly be expensive one, and only one with rich handsome.

wear underwear peach marketing is favored by people

some people think that this marketing is not "normal" for the peach to wear underwear, I feel that there is a little offbeat feeling, the feeling is too extreme. But also cited the eve of the eve of the eve of Apple carved peace two words can also be accepted, so it is difficult to let others accept.

for this marketing method Shao Lianhu feel very good. Although most people are hard to accept. However, if the change for a year, young boys, I think there are still a lot of people will buy. And I saw a dozen of Taobao’s trading volume. If they don’t is all good, as in the momentum created very loud, also can let more people pay attention to, but also there will be a lot of help for future promotion, publicity, sales of fruit greatly help.

how do businesses do creative marketing


business is no longer the price is so simple. In real life may be a street on your one store, you can put the low price to sell products to attract consumers. But now you are a network of retailers from wholesalers to sell in batches. You will find this product manufacturers are selling this product, you will not even lower price than the factory price is low. This is the sad e-commerce, factory direct sales model so that many agents and retailers can not make money.

a lot of people want to start a business, has been trying to sell what production >

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