These 5 fatal errors led to the failure of a product

had a failure of the product "D", after the checking time, that made several fatal mistakes. Today, sort out to share with my friends, for he is a wake-up call, also hope to have a little help to you.

man this is what kind of product

D is a manual, cooking and other interested users interested in APP. In our design, D is the first one of all kinds of people, such as manual Daren, cooking up, fitness and so on, the other side is interested in these users. We cut in short video, through short video display, such as people and users do manual, cooking scene. At the same time, we hope to reach the center, the formation of people and fans of the group, can be posted in the group, send short video interactive.

error: a man spreading itself too, did not focus on

we went around LADA, dance, fitness, cooking, dyeing, embroidery and so on. At first, people are willing to face up to try. But in fact, up to so many people, the quality and quantity of content can not be controlled. Other users will feel no key, unintelligible. Users can not quickly find their own interest in the content, can not retain users. No users, people have no interest to continue to play our APP.

we were aware of the problem, cut some of the content, but not strong enough. The result is not enough focus. After checking, think at the beginning we should focus on 1-2 high frequency classification, fitness and delicacy is the most appropriate choice. These two are white-collar workers are focused on the field, and our goal is to help the user’s ability to consume high urban white-collar. This lesson in our other products are absorbed, and in that section of the electricity supplier products from the beginning we only focus on the characteristics of food.


error two: let the user to shoot a short video of

short video introduction, this is a good starting point I think so far. Fragmentation time, the short video is an easy to attract users of the entrance. But then we go, we went to UGC and PGC together, hope Master and users together using a mobile phone to shoot a short video to us, but we want to shoot the video scene and the second shot is not the same, not readily taken daily. But people or users record their own mobile phone cooking or dancing video. Reality is only support 1-2 minutes of video, and such a video can not express the full content, not to mention attractive to see.

We only

official team to take the corresponding video works, and the official video clips have a soundtrack to welcome the user; in fact we should be honest to do PGC, immediately like the now immortal "". Shoot, cut, broadcast fast completion of such a process, whether it is the user or fans, do not want to shoot things. This rapid production of high quality video, quickly attract users through the content area. Our own shot

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