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webmaster friends all know, do the most troublesome is the promotion of the problem. How to better promote the site, I suggest you can try Digg site!

this kind of Digg website can easily publish content on the above general. Of course, the article after the hair and no finished, best to from already published articles Digg to the home page, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. But I am in this way promotion also found some problems, such as the general requirements of Digg website registered members to post articles, and registered relatively strict! But there are also some Digg site management is relatively loose, not registered members can directly publish new membership privileges is relatively high! I according to 3 months the promotion experience, collected some Digg websites, make reference to the u.s..

1, digg China: (has been using a good)

2, list brick field: (popular quite prosperous)

3, digg PP network: (not registered members can directly send the article,


: (geek found registered members need to verify the mailbox)

I mainly use this to a Digg website promotion, we can try to use a good, support this article!

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