2 billion U S dollars last year the United States Thanksgiving online shopping record

China News Agency, San Francisco, November (24) – the last Thursday of November is the traditional Thanksgiving Day in the United States, in addition to turkey dinner and pumpkin pie, shopping has become an essential item of the holiday. Statistics show that compared with last year, the first day of Thanksgiving this year, the U.S. online spending has exceeded 16% over the same period last year, reaching a record $2 billion.

black Friday after Thanksgiving has not yet started, consumers can not wait to buy favorite goods. "Fortune" magazine said that the day before Thanksgiving, in November 23rd, people on the Internet spending $1 billion 570 million, an increase of 19% over the same period last year.

more than the company according to the statistics, more and more Americans are more love using a mobile phone or tablet computer to complete the order, Thanksgiving Day, an estimated 336 million people with the tools of consumption, to a record $820 million.

average price of $144 per person from Apple’s mobile phone or tablet on average, other people using Android’s mobile operating system, the average cost of spending $119.

wealth statistics show that consumers are the most favorite products are apple tablet PCs, Samsung 4K HD TV, SONY PS4, Lego and popular children’s toys Shopkins.

Thanksgiving dinner, there will be tens of thousands of people braved the cold day and night queue, waiting for the store to open the door to buy large discounts.

"USA Today" reported that the appliance store store best buy, Messi, Taghit and WAL-MART, children’s toys "R" us is a consumer favorite.

best buy 50 inch Toshiba HD TV only $199, a $345 DELL laptop computer.

WAL-MART said it had 1 million 500 thousand TV sets, nearly 2 million tablet PCs and laptops for black Friday, as well as more than 3 million games.

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