E commerce if Taobao is synonymous with e commerce

The success of

e-commerce is the successful innovation line has been sluggish opened a window, let the money have spilled on land value. The value of Taobao, is to change people’s understanding of e-commerce, e-commerce, it is Taobao. This is a few days ago, I have thousands of days ago, and some of the traditional industry familiar with the unfamiliar friends talk about the greatest feeling, this is a very terrible fact.

what is e-commerce


this problem is a bit empty, accurate answer Baidu Baidu know, we all know. But if you have to talk to people who have never been in contact with the Internet e-commerce, it is not good to talk about, and if he only know Taobao, it is even more difficult to talk about. Can’t tell people say: e-commerce is a new business model based on Internet, which is characterized by complete business activities on the Internet with digital electronic means (from Baidu Encyclopedia), "I heard the cloud comes in the fog. If explained, e-commerce is a shop on Taobao, in the shop to sell things, and Taobao is like friendship mall, intime department store, so that they understand. The following problems: it is not very simple ah, I can go to settle down, I have a strong line of the channel, is not in the online open a physical store?…… This answer is very much, almost all of the traditional areas in contact with me, the first will have such an idea. Then we’ll take a long time to explain the importance of logistics, marketing concept, customer service and so on, the most important thing is to explain the network in Taobao Internet rules of survival, a morning, they only see light suddenly: This is the original.

e-commerce is doing?

weekend at home, xianbuzhu I could not help but also go online to search a lot, and found a perfect integration with the ECSHOP group purchase plug-in ECGROUPON, it makes me +B2C or B2C+ tread on air: group purchase group purchase, it is a very good choice. But in the search process, but let me find a very cruel reality: most e-commerce websites are doing some repetitive work, not too good with words, that is to do the same thing, plagiarism. Of course, as an entrepreneur, I should be for the distress he encountered in the entrepreneurial process to find some excuse to whitewash this phenomenon. But, we really can use reasons and excuses for this "micro innovation" to cover the naked plagiarism? Say to e-commerce sellers in the traditional line of view, is to shop in taobao.com, this is a terrible misleading. The terrible idea lies in the implantation of taobao.com invincible, terrible lies in other products after unexpectedly no strength to fight back, at least in the two or three years "under the banner of glasses can not see hope.

at this stage, if you want to talk about the spread of e-commerce, with a lot of people in the industry say, is a logistics company. Where the customer, the Jingdong.

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