How to operate low input high return SP

stands for more than half a year, this is the experience, and share their experiences, if you are master please bypass, not what technical content, do not feel good don’t scold me Oh, after all, I was just a little webmaster, just want to share my experience.

In fact,

is very simple to do a good job on the Internet to sell a lot of creative sp a lot, my method is very original is to do the temptation to stand directly to the Baidu Google included, I put this step into the form of investment operations.


domain name, Admin5 forum to buy Baidu included domain name! Buy domain name included update time and attention to his link, and the domain name included update time is at least 1 months, the reverse link at least 20 or more, the domain name for CN is good, the cost is 10 ~ 20 yuan a.

space needless to say, it is a foreign space, but I still recommend to buy VPS, 50 yuan a month, this can not save.


, this is very important, the key is to choose the right keywords after the return, the temptation of only a few hundred words in general search results, ranking the first page to 100ip, do not underestimate the amount of 100ip intention is very good, unless your alliance is crazy deduction amount, his Baidu more, look the keyword is better.

temptation page, keyword density and main chain, these simple optimization will be the webmaster, more important is the temptation to page must add video, but the best is local, we should Baidu video search included these videos later this will be a major site of IP road. The temptation to page won’t do to the swap chain, click several times to find a lot of their own, save yourself on the line.

one month basic to your domain name updates included in the page, we do not expect the collection of the whole station, your home is enough, just a collection of permissions first week is relatively heavy, catch good opportunity amount, a week can put the cost through. After relying on Baidu video search, but also appropriate to increase the site outside the chain.

if you think you are a good exchange chain alliance can exchange chain the storage of IP during the day, night time volume, because of the keyword I choose good Baidu video search results on a few of my station, the first time I just buy 1 names to operate, profit space is very large, then an additional 2 3 more than and 10 domain names, get more stations, there are a few long steady to late I have no reason to make it, I just put the emerge of itself and perish of itself, more than 100 yuan, but net profit is more than 10 thousand.

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