How the software direct marketing network PK Alibaba

e-commerce in China has experienced 10 years of development, the current Internet users to about 300 million of the world’s largest number has been ranked first. Exciting is that this data continues to grow rapidly. At the same time, the experience of online shopping in China is far less than that of Europe, America and other developed countries, but now the proportion of Internet users through the purchase and sale of goods accounted for an increasing proportion of the overall shopping. This kind of development trend directly promotes the rapid development of e-commerce websites in china.

to Alibaba as the representative of the e-commerce website is in this context and the development of e-commerce boom driven by the development and growth of the. After nearly 10 years of development, Alibaba website has created a good e-commerce website brand and the industry can not match the development of performance. At the same time through the successful achievement of a large number of network e-commerce marketing model developed.

But the

e-commerce sites such as Alibaba is a large comprehensive e-commerce website, network data and product website in the database is too complicated and messy, unable to meet the specific needs of different industries and different products network marketing mode. So no matter how the development of comprehensive website, except for its brand and reputation and other factors can still attract the network registration, has the inherent limitations of her development, is bound to hinder the continued development of electronic commerce Chinese. Therefore, only the vertical industry B2B e-commerce platform can make comprehensive congenitally deficient e-commerce website and become the main trends in the development of Chinese and global e-commerce website.

software direct selling network is developed in many software vendors of software industry B2B e-commerce platform in time and again. Currently, the site is the software industry in the true sense of the industry vertical B2B e-commerce platform.

software direct selling network combined with software industry and trading characteristics, software supply, software purchase, software outsourcing, software, software demonstration and SAAS online transactions and other functions, to provide professional services for software vendors and software outsourcing service provider. Since February 2008, the site on the line, there have been more than 1200 software manufacturers and software outsourcing service providers across the country to register as a free or paid membership in the software marketing network. Registered as a member of the site software vendors and software vendors in addition to the company’s brand, product visibility through the software platform for direct marketing network has been greatly improved, but also received a large number of software sales orders.

site for the client presentation software is a necessary step of software transaction process, but also to talk about a single success with the customer premise smooth sign. Software direct selling network software as a unique channel to showcase their in B2B e-commerce platform is a pioneering work. Video window different from other platforms. In order to allow software vendors and network potential customers to better interact with the problems encountered in the software demonstration process, the scene to solve the problem. Software direct marketing network will be their own software demonstration channels and the site’s instant messaging function, the perfect solution to this problem. Looking at the domestic and foreign similar e-commerce platform, the current software direct

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