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side business friends now see me complaining about the store to do business, the store will soon become the "body shop", or desolate, even crowded with is not too happy, because most people are seeing in the store, try a good feel good on the brand and type of mind Secretly down to buy online.

These friends have recently asked

I want to go to the Taobao store, my answer is "Oh, broken pattern tucson". But many people do not believe that the electricity supplier is the trend, it is necessary to turn the line, it is hard to persuade, I generally recommend that they take a small part of the resources to try to test the water on the Taobao, then the good turn. There are not, selling computer hardware to a friend before half a year to rent their own facade back, at home on the Taobao open shop, the 2 weeks ago have put the tray back again, just open the store closed shop, not provided.

double after 11, many people complain that although the sales volume is high, but can be guaranteed to be good, why? Why fewer layers of the channel cost, less and less shops site fees, taxes, profits rather than the entity


1 online attention resources more scarce. Online, even if there is only one commercial center in each city, there are 657 centers in the country. Online, feel shy, Taobao accounted for 80% of the business flow, which is 80% of the attention on Taobao, people’s attention is limited, you can browse the first few pages Taobao display. All the people in order to be able to show in these pages desperately hit the money, your competitive pressure suddenly 657 times, on the Taobao train, the rise of the speed of the auction is no need to say.

said that after the multi business platform is not good, even if wrong, ten Jingdong, ten Suning, even if Taobao a dominant position is broken, how can the website page, consumer attention pages, competition can reduce the number of


2 online Matthew effect is more obvious. Some people know knowledge of economics, laissez-faire market competition will ultimately towards its opposite, a monopoly, no regulatory intervention in the market, the monopoly is easy to form more serious. In the electricity business in this market, the leading enterprises can use price war to defeat the opponent: when the price war comes, you come with? With larger rivals, and can take you to the consumer, the consumption of dead; went to the opponent, you will die in the whirlpool of chronic.

Since the

line is the line of fire, is brave, so hard, don’t do what they cannot sit still,.

remember Buffett’s words, when others are greedy when the fear of others in fear of greed.

big resources are all for everyone to not necessarily, since all people want to go online, why can’t we act in a diametrically opposite way?

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