hope the relevant personnel to discuss this issue out of nine wins the League

The special

reiterated: nine wins alliance is a very good union

released the news here today, no other meaning, just want to ask nine wins Alliance (9v.cn) to what year He Yuecai cleaning: pipip data from November 17, 2008 to December 11, 2008 the capital to the movie network and download station webmaster


due to the collection of a lot of webmaster information, one thousand, two thousand, three thousand, five thousand, ranging from the number of many, many. I’m sorry I can’t list one by one.

Almost all of the

is involved in the movie network and software download network webmaster!!!

are in for nine wins the league’s first league — pipip effect amount, without closing, therefore here today by local staff union nine wins ask what time for all the webmaster


deeply aware of the start of an alliance is not easy to come by, but also deeply aware of the sweat and blood of the owners also contains a lot of bitterness in it.

hair this article, but the union staff can give a settlement date to do: the skin of the players. Don’t want this thing because the alliance nine wins over the years thus affecting the reputation, leading to the webmaster to you lose these.

nine wins League after many years of operation, but also have the advantages of today, so many do not want to fuss, hope the relevant personnel to stand up to our personal webmaster a reasonable explanation, thank you


also reaffirmed: nine wins alliance is a very good union, issued this article just want to ask the staff here nine wins alliance, really want to what month can give those who do: pipip data webmaster check! Given the trouble time

, thank you!

hopes that the relevant personnel out of nine wins alliance consultations on the matter, thank you!!!

is the following data diagram, due to the relevant ID and account number, amount, etc.. Still hope! Here is because of graphic data, data related to the ID to be hidden, disclose, excuse me

!This is the first

November effect nine wins the union flag down the money, only twenty percent of the graphic evidence checkout



is the sum of them in the summary of the calculation, written very clearly all the settlement, but we really took only 20% of the time, look at the above chart will understand the


there are also data for 2008 of December, but not a point!!!

here solemnly to tell the truth, published in this article, it is to endure for a long time, to do so, just hope the > nine wins

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