Overseas purchasing host record fear of domestic giant differences cut

each year from November to December, with black Friday in the United States, Chinese "double eleven" the arrival of users increased enthusiasm, though, the domestic retail business in crazy promotions, but users of big low-priced goods craze for overseas purchasing, fast heat up.

Cai Hua, vice president of

overseas shopping platform, said in the United States during the shopping season, the company increased the number of flights per week, Chinese users purchasing enthusiasm and purchasing power of the growth of this show.

shopping season under the overseas shopping platform

and the domestic electricity supplier website is not yet in the promotion of the preparatory work before the same, the overseas shopping platform is not yet in the United States before the arrival of the shopping season, they will be prepared to work into the scope of the early.

in addition to its own website to expand overseas shelves, the overseas shopping platform also scheduled flights to the airline, and ahead of time to greet the customs. When the discount season is approaching, overseas shopping platform is based on the package number and order number increase warehouse staff.

According to Cai Hua

, during the shopping season, ocean terminal will every Wednesday before the flight will be increased to every Friday flight; in addition, the warehouse staff in the United States during the festival also need to sacrifice their rest time, overtime will be wrapped in a sack and sent to the airlines, "due to a person’s capacity if the package is limited, too much, we also need to increase manpower, when necessary to hire part-time staff."

in the promotion category, the overseas shopping platform will also have different product focus in different time periods. The ocean ocean pier wharf as an example, in every year the end of October will start the free shipping activities, and enter the peak site.

"there are activities of Thanksgiving, black Friday, black Monday in November. There are Christmas activities in December. In November the ocean terminal is probably the main food, daily necessities and clothing discount more, in December, cosmetics and health care products discount more, we will be divided into different stages of different promotional products ", Cai Hua introduced.

Cai Hua also said that in terms of logistics, if the buyer or businesses closer to Ocean Terminal warehouse distance, domestic users basically ten working days you can receive the goods if the buyer or a merchant warehouse far from the ocean terminal, need to use the United States domestic express delivery the goods delivery to the warehouse and then back home, is based on ten on the day of the three to five day in canada.

overseas purchasing heady

although "double eleven" on the same day, Tmall with 19 billion 100 million yuan of consumption record topped, but Chinese online shopping enthusiasm does not seem to be so impaired, but will look extends to the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season on the u.s..

from the third party payment platform Alipay statistical data shows, from the beginning of the November 23rd "black Friday" the 5 day "shopping season" in our country.

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