How to make the content of micro blog fast exposure


do micro-blog this time is not long, only about 5 months time, but this is also found in the process of a number of ways to allow more people to get more content micro-blog. Of course, many hundreds of thousands of fans, do well the millions of fans of the great God, may to you these methods is not what, but micro-blog has just started to do friends, I think there will still be some useful. We do micro-blog’s purpose is to be able to quickly promote our brand or product, then you need to put the content of our micro-blog quickly spread out, so that more people see. Let’s talk about the method below!


1, the production of content

mainly from two aspects, one is the location of your own micro-blog, in addition to the content of the fun. In the process of content positioning, it is necessary to combine the original brand positioning to sum up the simple tonality of the brand. For example, the brand tonality is "no limit to the young, to love life to challenge the freedom of your own piece of the sky," then the key words of the brand is "young", "stimulus", "freedom", etc..

and interesting, we should have seen a lot of tests and other types of content, this type is more able to attract the attention of the audience, if the topic is better that the effect is better. At the same time, there are a lot of good pictures, like video can increase the content of the interest of micro-blog.

2, the use of good long micro-blog

This is the micro-blog

Tencent has just come out near the module, its biggest role is to let micro-blog is not limited to the fixed 140 words, we can directly release the soft on top, and now through the micro-blog brand promotion good platform. May is now just out of little restriction, can directly publish links or some other advertising information, of course this is yourself, the most important thing is not to affect the overall readability and visual aesthetic feeling. If the content of the production is better, the effect should not be less than those soft platform.

3, picture vote

this module is now becoming more and more popular, and it is very simple, as long as your topic, pictures do reasonable probability of the corresponding picture channel included vote is very large, be included after the audience is very considerable. At the same time, it can bring a lot of broadcast and comments, but also can increase the number of listeners.

4, micro channel

some relatively large micro channel is generally a better choice of content to be included, we can also apply for some of their own and micro-blog content positioning related channels to apply. Application method: recommend micro-blog account XXX to micro channel, reason: XXX. Micro channel assistant # @ micro channel account recommended #). As long as your micro-blog content can be, not the sky of the advertising letter

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