The teacher training community teachers into the re 9 million yuan angel investment

7, attention to enhance teachers’ practical skills online community "division into gold" yesterday announced the acquisition of 9 million yuan Angel round of financing, investment by Shanghai Feng shui. With the previous financing, teachers in Golden Angel round a total of 19 million yuan financing, valuation will reach 180 million yuan.


"division into gold" App on-line in April this year, the introduction describes the App to focus on enhancing teachers’ professional skills learning interactive community, including issues related to online quizzes, teachers teaching skills and employment qualification exam training courses and other sectors, its operation has more than half of the WeChat public daily teaching philosophy, teaching experience share.

point division gold belonging to the November 2015 establishment of the Beijing special Di Technology Co. Ltd., and in October of that year, its founder Zhao has been the New Oriental 5 million angel investment, then get 5 million yuan investment in the day.

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