How to make your WeChat circle of friends to enhance the ability to make money 400%

WeChat circle of friends is called "circle of friends", because it is designed to make friends for emotional contact. Here to do marketing on the need for consumer sentiment and needs to establish a connection, through the emotional appeal of the emotional resonance of consumers, thereby winning the reputation and trust. How will the consumer into the emotion, do this powerful emotional marketing?

first for WeChat’s personal nickname, avatar, it is best not to use your store name and store product image. For signature, you can design some fun words, reflect your own personal language. Introduce yourself, not the product. If you feel the photograph is not photogenic, you can get some back or good-looking face, let a person feel you are very mysterious, very want to know you. This setting allows you to communicate with your fans, there will not be like a pile of products do not feel like the same chat. The so-called emotional chat is to let others and you have feelings, rather than the product and feelings. The relationship between people is the most marketing power. The recommendation of friends is the most credible, the most effective.

emotional marketing to pursue their own personality, the product should have personality, content should have personality. In the circle of friends, you can release some personal photos to go out to play, a small piece of life, or some details of the work, etc.. Some of the best pictures can be a mood, some sunshine, let a person feel good, feel like a cup of coffee. Let them feel that you are a very tasteful and emotional person. They will aspire to this kind of life, and to have this kind of life you have a good impression, eager to make friends with you.

for the emotional content of marketing, you can imagine your circle of friends into your parlor, you and your friends together, would be a case of how, how do you communicate, talk about what topics. You can launch some interesting topics or combined events, entertainment gossip etc. we loved the content, let the circle of friends of friends who are involved. Then put their products into it, you can get very good marketing results. In fact, and friends get together to play the game, like a good plan, it is easy to narrow the sense of distance, instant trust.

you often need to interact with your fans, the language is best to be humorous and fun, positive, do not make people feel uncomfortable. What your friends want to know is you, not your product. What you need to do is to integrate your product into the life you share. Instead of selling their products with each other. When the other side of your people, will take the initiative to find you buy, and you do not need to force the other party to buy. An initiative, a passive, which effect we should all know. Do WeChat emotional marketing must understand empathy, to be able to grasp each other and you resonate with the place, as long as the intentions of the operation, you can have a very strong sense of trust.

you still need to have the

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