91 years to buy the original owners of the original article 1000 yuan

in A5 yesterday published an article, an article is about my past, many friends do Wangzhuan and engage in their own Wangzhuan experience and I, many people call me "elder", I was very depressed, I am very ha is a dish, I will not even PS, only simple SEO station rookie only.

has a few friends to ask me how to make money, http://s.admin5.com/article/20081128/118021.shtml can not think through this article to know so many friends.

found that many friends can not be profitable reason is:

1.SEO is not how (in fact, I do not how)

2 articles or movie pictures of what is mostly collected (say they do not know how to write)


3 station (QQ station, Dudu is to repeat the movie, beauty map, navigation)

I want to say, I faint, except the IP to quickly stand, no other station to do? Do not highlight the prominent SEO and technology more, get the conclusion through the friends of the issues and problems encountered: non original become a stumbling block to the big station.

The following

I put my new station — for the original method is simple introduction, my new address temporarily not disclose, Kazakhstan is not afraid of your collection, etc. my "composition" issued after all, then give us the mining, my station is currently only included, but the effect is very good, every day, this I the new station is happy high school junior middle school students, this is probably the content of it, to see how I used 1000 yuan to obtain 20 thousand original compositions! Website is successful, the original is very important, so I find our local primary school junior high school 18 of several large and small schools, after 1 weeks of planning, a county junior high school the primary school composition contest started

audit criteria: regardless of poor students, excellent students are posting rights prizes: first prize two prize 488RMB 312RMB third-prize 200RMB anyone can participate in, "the article also should, actually received 18 school journal article: more than 21 thousand, so easy to obtain 20 thousand original composition, after Baidu to my station included information I will disclose to you, this is just an example of hope to do more thinking, in fact, by analogy, the original is not difficult, such as other stations, for example you are QQ, you can go to the Baidu post bar PS. These photos:

brings together a lot of licensing and PS enthusiasts, ensure that you will have a lot of good harvest, pull on the write so much, my literary talent is not good, and we hope more exchanges, I QQ752342 ID Forum: credibility is the hard truth

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